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100% Pure Natural Shampoos & Conditioners

April 28, 2015 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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100Percent Pure Shampoo and Conditioner

When I first decided to stop using conventional beauty products, around 8 years ago, two of the products that were most difficult for me to find natural replacements for were shampoo and conditioner. I visited my local health food store thinking that they must have safe alternatives. But after reading the ingredient labels on pretty much all their shampoos and conditioners, reviewing the products on the skin deep database, keeping the price in mind, and knowing what my hair needs; there were only a few that I was willing to try. I tried a few different brands and types, even some that didn't meet the safety level I was looking for, and was disappointed by all of them. So I turned to DIY shampoos and conditioners, thinking at least I would be in charge of the ingredients. I tried different concoctions with baking soda, honey and apple cider vinegar and many recipes for castille soap shampoos with vinegar rinses - none of them worked for me for any period of time. My scalp got really dry and my hair always seemed stringy and heavy. (I should note that we have really hard water, and I have read that it can negatively impact how castille soap based shampoos work.)

For my hair, shampoo and conditioner has always been hard to find because I have fine, but very thick hair which can look oily and weighted down straight after washing with certain products. I also wash my hair about twice a week, so being able to go a few days in between washing without my hair looking oily is a requirement. I'm very picky about shampoos in particular, because my hair can tangle into crazy knots very easily when I wash it. I need a shampoo that will clean well, but not turn my hair into a knot ball before I apply the conditioner. And I need a conditioner that will moisturize, but not leave my hair heavy, stringy and greasy looking by the end of the day. I have honestly been searching for what-seems-like-forever, and only have only found a few that could make the cut.

100Percent Pure Shampoo and Conditioner

After trying shampoo and conditioner from Desert Essence, Nature's Gate, Giovanni, JASON, Avalon Organics, Earth Science and a many more - the first shampoo and conditioner that I switched to was by ShiKai, which left my hair feeling pretty good but I wasn't satisfied with the level of ingredients. Still, I used it for a while because I had not found any that worked better for me. The next shampoo and conditioner that I switched to for quite a while was Beautiful Curls, which met my ingredient qualification and left my hair feeling pretty clean, but started to look oily by the end of the second day. And I could never quite get used to the lack of suds when using the shampoo, so I continued to look for something more. About a year later, I started using Acure shampoos and conditioners, which met my ingredient qualification, the shampoo has just enough suds and doesn't leave my hair super tangled, and my hair felt and looked pretty good in between washing. I have been using them ever since...until I tried the new 100% Pure Shampoo and Conditioner line.

100Percent Pure Shampoo and Conditioner

100% Pure offers a great collection of moisturizers, cleansers, makeup and hair care products all made from healthy ingredients and refreshingly no chemicals or synthetics. I have tried many of their products from moisturizers to makeup, and keep coming back for more. I enjoy reading over the labels with the line-up of ingredients of extracts, oils and hydrosols from fruits, flowers, coffee, tea, kelp, aloe and not much else. The makeup is even colored using fruit, and everything smells seriously delicious.

Their collection has grown a lot since I started ordering from them over 6 years ago. I believe at that time it included only one shampoo and conditioner. I received samples of the old shampoo and conditioner with one of my orders, and honestly I didn't care for them. The shampoo had a consistency similar to water which was very difficult to work into my hair and it left it feeling heavy, although it smelled great. Even though I didn't care for that shampoo and conditioner, I love their other products so I was excited to see their new line-up of shampoo and conditioners all of which have great reviews. I decided to give some a try, and chose the Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Shampoo (because I am drawn to fruity/citrus scents) and the Burdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Conditioner (because my scalp has been pretty dry this winter).

First, my order shipped a half hour after it was placed - awesome.
Next, it arrived at my house 2 days later - double awesome.
And it included a handful of small samples of lotions and cleansers - triple awesome.
(Every order I have received from them has contained 3-4 samples in it.)

100Percent Pure Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been using the Yuzu & Pomelo Shampoo and Burdock & Neem Conditioner for about a month now, and I'm happy to say that they are great. I really like the fresh, citrus scent of the Yuzu & Pomelo Shampoo. The consistency is on the thin side but not problematic, it has just enough suds, and my hair feels really clean afterwards. The Burdock & Neem Conditioner has a pleasant minty scent, a small amount can be worked throughout all my hair and it's not too greasy. Overall, my hair and scalp feel clean and moisturized and my hair dries with minimal frizz (I always air dry).

My husband has also been enjoying the Yuzu & Pomelo Shampoo - he has psoriasis on his scalp and many shampoos cause it to get worse, so this is a big deal. He's tried all kinds of psoriasis shampoos from prescription to tar based, some of which worked ok, but of course we were concerned about the ingredients. Since we started trading out chemical laden personal care products for more natural options, the shampoos that have kept his psoriasis in check have been this diy natural shampoo recipe from Wellness Mama which he loves, and the 100% Pure Yuzu & Pomelo Shampoo.

100Percent Pure Shampoo and Conditioner

What natural shampoos and conditioners do you love? Share your favorites in the comments below!


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