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Modular Recycled Carpet Squares

April 06, 2015 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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FLOR Parallel Reality Soda Shoppe 5x7 area rug
My FLOR Carpet squares, in Parallel Reality design, set up in a patchwork pattern.

When I first came across FLOR carpet squares, modular carpet tiles sounded like a really great idea to me - you can mix-n-match different colors and designs to create one-of-a-kind rugs, if one square gets dirty you can lift it up and clean it in the sink or replace it if need be, and when they are worn out you can send them back to the company to be recycled into new carpet tiles. But at the time, I was living in a house that had wall-to-wall carpet in almost every room. So even though I thought they had a cool product, there wasn't really a space that lent itself to trying them out.

In our new house, we were lucky enough to be able to install bamboo flooring throughout before moving in. And although I love the look, we have found that area rugs bring some much needed warmth to our spaces. I typically prefer to purchase rugs made from natural fibers, but I wanted a rug that could stand up to spills and traffic for the kitchen and entry. So I decided now was the perfect time to give FLOR carpet squares a try.

FLOR Recycled Carpet Squares - Made in the USA
Packaging was minimal, this is the box I received from UPS.

FLOR Recycled Carpet Squares - non-skid backing
The non-skid backing, shown in Line, Please design. | What was in the box.

I received them today, and it was super easy to get them all set up. I just placed them in my desired layout, and used the included adhesive dots to secure each carpet square to the bordering squares. The quality of the carpet squares seem very good. They are heavy with a non-skid backing and the pile looks very uniform, full and free from snags etc. They look like they will be very durable. And so far they have fit together so snug that the rugs almost look seamless.

The yellow adhesive "dots" used to secure the squares together.

I ordered the multi-colored wide stripe Parallel Reality in the Soda Shoppe area rug which was perfect for creating a fun and colorful centerpiece in our kitchen. And the Line, Please in Cayenne, which has very thin stripes, and worked well for creating a more subtle patchwork pattern in our entry. And I'm very impressed with the design, feel under foot and the overall quality so far.

Since I was opting for an easier to maintain nylon for high traffic areas, I wanted to make sure that it was eco-friendly. Both the Parallel Reality and the Line, Please carpet squares are made in the USA and are made from recycled fibers - 100% for Parallel Reality and 49% for Line, Please. And as I mentioned, once they are worn out you can send them back to FLOR to be recycled. All you have to do is contact them with the number of squares you will be sending, and they email you a prepaid UPS label. This is a huge bonus, to me, to know that they will not just end up in a landfill at the end of their life.

FLOR Carpet Squares in Horizontal Pattern
I ended up going with a horizontal pattern for the final layout.

Based on what I've seen so far, I'm hopeful that these will look nice for quite a while. And based on how easy they were to set up, I am even considering using FLOR carpet squares in a wall-to-wall installation in our basement living space...stay tuned.

Have you installed FLOR carpet squares in your house?  What do you think of them? 

Family Room Inspiration: Colorful, Artisan & Handmade Throw Pillows

Vibrant Modern Handmade Throw Pillows

We recently moved, we've been in our new house for just over a year, and we are still in the process of furnishing some empty spaces. So I've been spending loads of time browsing for ideas to inspire me. I'm drawn to neutral colors and simple, modern style for my main furniture pieces and wall colors, with colorful accents to set the mood (as I don't want to get locked into trendy design choices for years to come). So I wanted to share some of the fun and colorful, and of course "green", home accessories I've come across on my journey.

Right now I'm in search of some colorful and fun throw pillows for our family room. Novica has loads of unique, fair trade and handcrafted home accessories (fair trade throw pillows shown above). I also really love to look for modern, colorful home decor on Esty - you can always find tons of creative, handmade and unique, vintage items perfect for whatever vibe you are going for. Above are some fun, vibrant throw pillows that I pulled together to help spark some colorful family room inspiration. If you're looking for a little throw pillow inspiration, check out my full fav list of colorful handmade throw pillows on Etsy.


Affiliate Disclaimer: Ecomodish is an affiliate of Novica-  an online artisan global marketplace for socially conscious consumers. That means we receive a small commission from sales made from affiliate links from our blog. Affiliate links are a way we help offset the costs associated with publishing our blog. Thanks in advance! Find out more about Novica's mission.

Trade-up Your Old Bridesmaid Dress for a New Little Black Dress

May 10, 2011 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Little Black Dress

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the NEWLYMAID bridesmaid dress "exchange" program is no longer active.

I wanted to share with you a new site that launched today, They offer a unique way to trade up a bridesmaid dress after a wedding for a new little black dress that can be worn for any occasion. NEWLYMAID is the first service of its kind to offer women a way to enjoy savings, reduce their carbon footprint, help others in need, and get a fabulous dress they can wear for any occasion.

NEWLYMAID accepts bridesmaid dresses and special occasion dresses from ANY designer brand. In return, you get a special 30 - 50% credit value towards a new 'any occasion' black dress. The little black dresses can be styled to work for many occasions from a sophisticated office look to flirty looks fit for a night on the town.

The gently worn bridesmaid and special occasion dresses will either be donated to charity or recycled. Dresses which are suitable for reuse will be donated to Clothes4Souls. Clothes4Souls brings shoes and apparel to people in need around the world. NEWLYMAID will also work with UNIFI to recycle qualifying dresses that are 100% polyester. And, future NEWLYMAID styles offered will include REPREVE (R)- recycled fibers made by Unifi.

If you have an old bridesmaid or special occasion dresses just hanging around in your closet, visit NEWLYMAID and send in your old dress for credit towards a new little black dress perfect for work, brunch, or girl's night out.

Ecoist's Mega Silver & Sex and the City 2

June 21, 2010 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Ecoist Mega Silver in Sex and the City 2

This metallic, oversized tote by ecoist, recently made it's film debut in Sex and the City 2 as Samantha's companion. “We chose the Ecoist Silver Mega because the proportion is perfect, it went great with her look…it’s got a very glamorous look...” said Danny Santiago, Sex and the City Stylist.

It's amazing that something so stylish can be created from materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. Ecoist handbags, including the Mega Silver, are handcrafted from upcycled candy wrappers. Not only has Ecoist has saved over 15 million wrappers from being sent to the landfill, but they also plant a tree for each bag sold. And for a limited time, you can get $30 Off the Mega Silver + Free shipping when you use the code ECOSEXY at checkout!

Great Deals on Ecoist Handbags: Up to 70% Off

Ecoist is winding down a huge clearance sale - you can get up to 70% off select Ecoist handbags! The handbags shown above are just a few of the over 30 styles on sale. If you are looking for a unique gift idea, whether the recipient is eco-conscious or not, you should definitely check out Ecoist handbags. Each unique bag is a work-of-art, handcrafted from recycled wrappers and eco-friendly materials. With up to 70% off and free shipping on orders over $100 - why not get started early on your holiday shopping? (Or buy yourself a gift - I'm seriously tempted!)

UrthBags: Recycled Magazines find a stylish new home

October 16, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 1 Comment

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UrthBags recycled magazine bags

These super eco handbags by UrthBags are made from recycled magazine pages. Each green bag is one-of-a-kind displaying different images protected by salvaged plastic. All UrthBags are hand-crafted from recycled materials by Fair Trade Women's Organizations and Artisans - so when you purchase your UrthBag not only will you be helping to protect the planet, but you will be helping support under-privileged women world wide - what's better than that?

Modern Decorative Pillows and Art in bold colors and patterns

October 06, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Inhabit's new, modern prints are bold and colorful in shades like lime green, sunflower yellow, rust orange, cornflower blue and scarlet red accented by silver, chocolate and ivory. Their new Modern Classics collection offers graphic prints inspired by retro furniture. New additions to their Aequorea and Rhythm collections offer abstract prints inspired by nature. And new graphic patterns are available in their Estrella collection. These graphic and colorful prints are available for Inhabit's eco-friendly decorative pillows and wall art and are a great housewarming gift idea. Made from 100% recycled polyester and handprinted and handcrafted in the USA with eco-friendly inks. visit Inhabit

The 'Best' Sustainable Shoes and Bags: Simple Shoes

May 19, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Simple Shoes

UPDATE: Unfortunately Simple Shoes is not currently open for business, but are launching a Kickstarter Campaign to get Simple Shoes back on your feet. See the details

Simple Shoes is truly committed to making 100% sustainable shoes and bags. They are continually updating to more sustainable processes and materials such as organic cotton, hemp, cork, water-based glues, recycled inner tubes and car tires; and they measure their sustainability success for each product on a scale of good, better and best. The "best" category is comprised of their most sustainable shoes and bags and stands as a goal for the rest of their products.


A few of my Simple Shoes favs:

Simple Shoes - Layaway in Angel Eyes
These felted wool uppers are lined in certified organic cotton knit and have a coconut button accent, a layered natural crepe outsole, 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms and are held together with water based cements. Sustainability: Best

Simple Shoes - Feedbag in Adriatic Blue
This hemp shoulder bag has a two-ply colored wool felt base on a jute body, wide jute straps and a certified 100% organic cotton webbing. Dimensions: 11.5 in x 9.75 in x 3.5 in. Sustainability: Best

Simple Shoes - Entire-Silk in Green
These silk uppers have certified organic cotton knit linings, Ortholite/recycled car tire pedbeds, recycled car tire outsoles, a vulcanized rubber sidewall and heelcap and 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms. Sustainability: Better

Simple Shoes - Gumbo Hemp in Bubble Gum Stripe
These vegan friendly, sustainable hemp uppers have midsoles made of carpet padding, outsoles made of recycled car tire and natural rubber with jute; and are help together with lots of stitching and less than a thimble of water-based adhesives. Sustainability: Best

Simple Shoes - Blottoe Bag in Oil Green
This eco messenger bag is made from certified 100% organic cotton eyelet, metal zippers with PET bases and unfinished brass hardware. Sustainability: Best

Refresh your bedroom this Spring: organic inspired accent pillows

May 05, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Inhabit offers a bold line of handmade accent pillows with organic, modern designs - perfect for celebrating the blossoming spring season. Each eco-friendly accent pillow is handmade from 100% sustainable recycled polyester, and handprinted in the USA with environmentally friendly inks. There is no chemical waste generated and they are recyclable. My favs: Flown (shown above), Dew, and Blush. View all of Inhabit's eco-friendly accent pillows

Recycled handbags & jewelry made from candy wrappers

March 30, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Ecoist Every Any Recycled Handbag

Ecoist's recycled handbags are made from recycled, organic, or earth-friendly materials, and are manufactured through a network of fair trade partnerships around the world, AND they plant a tree for every single item sold. Check out their unique selection of recycled handbags and jewelry.