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Reduce your energy usage with custom eco curtains and shades

May 12, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 1 Comment

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photo courtesy of smith+noble

Whether you are looking to keep the heat in or out, Smith+Noble has a large selection of eco-friendly curtains and shades that can also help you reduce your energy consumption. Smith+Noble's fabric shades, panels and drapery can be made in a wide array of eco-friendly fabrics - from recycled polyester; to renewable fabrics like hemp and bamboo; to biodegradable fabrics like silk, linen and eco cotton. Their natural woven shades, panels, valances and cornices are all woven on hand-fed looms using renewable materials such as bamboos, reeds and grasses; and their PVC-free roller shades and solar shades are VOC free and 100% recyclable. You can also order up to 10 free swatches; choosing from any fabric, material or trim they offer; to be sure your window treatments are the exact fabric and color you want. Plus, if you opt for custom window treatments for the perfect fit or upgrade to add a privacy or blockout lining; you can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home due to better insulation. Check out Smith+Noble's earth-friendly window treatments.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas: Handblown Glass Vases

If you are looking for a unique and green wedding gift, a handblown vase is an excellent choice. This Multi Sommerso Handblown Art Glass Vase is one of many stunning handcrafted vases from Blown Art Glass Studio. This sommerso design features amber and green glass layers that are overlapped and framed with a clear crystal glass layer. Each handcrafted art vase is mouth-blown by an experienced artist, leaving no two exactly the same. Check out the full Blown Art Glass Studio handblown glass art collection.

Refresh your bedroom this Spring: organic inspired accent pillows

May 05, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Inhabit offers a bold line of handmade accent pillows with organic, modern designs - perfect for celebrating the blossoming spring season. Each eco-friendly accent pillow is handmade from 100% sustainable recycled polyester, and handprinted in the USA with environmentally friendly inks. There is no chemical waste generated and they are recyclable. My favs: Flown (shown above), Dew, and Blush. View all of Inhabit's eco-friendly accent pillows

Reduce your waste: stylish & reusable sandwich bags

April 28, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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reuseable sandwich sack

Etsy Favs: This Green Peony reusable sandwich bag by WasteNot is made with 100% cotton exterior, lined with water and stain-resistant nylon and secures using a generous strip of Velcro. After using, you can turn the bag inside-out and wipe the liner down. Or if its really messy, machine wash and line dry. Check out WasteNot's full line of colorful, reusable sandwich bags, snack bags and deli wraps.

Eco-friendly flower delivery: donate to charity when you send a green bouquet

April 27, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Organic Bouquet not only offers sustainable and organic grown flower delivery, but their Flowers for Good™ program helps their non-profit partners make positive changes in the work they do. Organic Bouquet has over 45 charitable bouquets for which they donate 5% of each purchase to a charitable organization. Each green bouquet offers a unique blend of flowers and is coupled with a non-profit organization such as Rainforest Foundation, PETA,, CARE, National Wildlife Federation and many more. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly flowers for a wedding present or you are planning to send flowers to your mother this Mother's Day, check out Organic Bouquet's charitable bouquets and support the cause of your choice with beautifully green flowers.

Eco wedding invitations: Save the planet and your hard earned cash

April 22, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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My Invitation Link offers personalized electronic wedding invitations - that means no paper, no printing, no postage and they cost just pennies per person. You create your own invitation that features an array of your photos, your song and your story. Then, choose how long you want My Invitation Link to host your invitation - three, six or twelve months. An electronic invitation is a great eco-friendly wedding invitation option because it saves paper, reduces waste and energy; and its a great way for your guests to learn more about you and your fiancé/e. If you are hesitant to go fully electronic, you could opt to send electronic invitations to just a portion of your more computer savvy guests such as friends. Check out some samples at

Whimsical, Handmade Felt Pillows

April 22, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Etsy Favs: Handcrafted Wool and Cashmere felt pillows by Murdock Design

The truth about sunscreens: Make sure you're covered

Safe Sunscreens

With warm weather around the corner, I decided to look into some new sunscreen and turned to the Skin Deep Database for some guidance. I found some unsettling information in a study done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG): 4 out of 5 sunscreens don't adequately protect skin from the sun's damaging rays and/or contain chemicals that may pose health hazards. There are no mandatory sunscreen standards in place, so products vary in safety and effectiveness; and companies are free to claim but not provide broad spectrum, all-day or instant protection. Many sunscreens even lack UVA protection altogether (the sun rays linked to skin damage, aging, immune system problems, and potentially skin cancer).

So how do you make sure you and your family are protected? A good start would be to follow some simple tips before you go outside:

  • Wear Clothes & Sunglasses - Wearing hats, shirts, pants and shorts will help shield you from UV rays and reduce risk by 27%. And your eyes need protection from UV rays too, so don't forget your sunglasses. (For even more protection opt for UPF clothing and hats.)
  • Plan your outdoor activities - To prevent sun overexposure, check the UV Index (the strength of sunburn-producing UV radiation) and go outdoors in early morning or late afternoon when the sun is lowest in the sky.
  • Find or Make Shade - Make sure you have access to shade under trees, tents, canopies or umbrellas.

The EWG recommends using sunscreen as your last resort, but sometimes you need a little extra protection. For those occasions, here are a few effective and safe sunscreens that pose a low health hazard and provide very good UVB and UVA protection:

The Honest Company Honest Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
safety: 1 low hazard, UVB/UVA Balance: good, UVA protection: excellent view data

Goddess Garden Everyday Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
safety: 1 low hazard, UVB/UVA Balance: good, UVA protection: good view data

Badger Sport Sunscreen SPF 35
safety: 1 low hazard, UVB/UVA Balance: good, UVA protection: excellent view data

All Terrain AquaSport Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
safety: 1 low hazard, UVB/UVA Balance: good, UVA protection: good view data

TruKid Sunny Days Daily Sunscreen, SPF 30+
safety: 1 low hazard, UVB/UVA Balance: good, UVA protection: excellent view data

Ava Anderson Non Toxic Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30+
safety: 1 low hazard, UVB/UVA Balance: good, UVA protection: excellent view data


Source: Information provided by the Environmental Working Group.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Ecomodish is an affiliate of Amazon. That means we receive a small commission from sales made from affiliate links from our blog. Affiliate links are a way we help offset the costs associated with publishing our blog. Thanks in advance!

Make a powerful statement: personal, portable solar power

April 15, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Noon Solar Bags

Integrate solar power into your life on a small scale with an innovative eco bag. Noon Solar offers a collection of solar bags with a solar panel on the outside of each bag that is flexible, paper thin and is completely water and weather proofed. The solar panel charges a battery pack located inside the bag to supply solar power for cell phones or iPods, day or night. Just place the solar panel towards the sun to collect usable energy, even on cloudy or rainy days, and the battery pack will hold the sun's energy for several days. Noon Solar bags are made from biodegradable materials such as organic hemp and cotton fabric and naturally tanned leather and the solar panel and hardware can be removed and recycled or reused. The founders personally hand dye the organic materials with natural substances such as pomegranate and weld; and the leather is heavy metal free, and naturally tanned and dyed with sustainably harvested materials such as rhubarb and walnuts. View the Noon Solar bag collection.

Drink Responsibly: Premium wine with a green twist

April 10, 2009 | posted by ecomodish | 2 Comments

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French Rabbit wines are vintage-dated, sustainably farmed French wines available in an eco-friendly Tetra Pak container. The Boisset family uses sustainable, bio-dynamic and organic wine making methods at all of its vineyards - and to further their commitment to producing eco-friendly wine, French Rabbit wines are packaged in Tetra-Prisma containers. Tetra-Prisma containers reduce packaging by 90% in comparison to typical glass wine bottles and weigh only 3% of the total weight of the product. That means less energy to produce, transport and recycle. The collapsible design allows you to squeeze out unwanted air that would ruin the wine and fits easily in your recycle bin. French Rabbit offers a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - check out their food and wine pairings for inspiration.