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About Ecomodish


Cara - Founder of Ecomodish

I am a web designer by trade, a new mother and eco-conscious consumer. When I was in need of eco-conscious additions to my wardrobe, makeup bag or home - I would spend hours surfing the web looking for the perfect, modish (fashionable, stylish) and non-toxic items. So I started Ecomodish to provide fellow eco-consumers with a collection of companies dedicated to offering modish, eco-friendly fashion, home decor and non-toxic beauty products. I hope you find it helpful!



Emily - Guest Blogger

Emily lives in Boston, MA with her fiance Chris and their furry child, Stoli. Newly engaged, Emily is planning her wedding on an organic farm with the goal of making as many eco-friendly decisions as possible. Besides wedding planning, Emily enjoys working out, reading, and blogging.


If you would like to suggest a modish, eco company or product for us to share on Ecomodish, give us a shout. We hope to hear from you!