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Wedding centerpieces: A greener alternative to glass vases

January 27, 2010 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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Blumebox Photographed by Christina Carroll

I recently was introduced to Blumebox on twitter and and wanted to share their unique alternative to glass vases that are perfect for wedding reception flower arrangements.

Blumebox offers a greener option to the ususal glass vase that will reflect your personal style, complement your flowers and is environmentally friendly. Their green design allows the blumebox to be shipped and stored flat, easily snapped together for assembly, and folded back down to be stored between uses. And the eco friendly materials used to make the blumeboxes is 100% recyclable.

Blumeboxes come in 16 colors and 4 different shapes/sizes making them perfect for green-ing weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, everyday bouquets and even your houseplants. The 4" cube is a great option for traditional wedding centerpieces as well as living plant centerpieces. The 6" blumebox is the perfect height for below eye-level centerpieces. The 8" blumebox makes a stylish holder for bridesmaid and bridal bouquets at the reception. And blumebuds double as place card holders / bud vases.

And if you are the DIY type, blumebox also offers coordinating ribbons and boas to spice things up. Check out their blog for fun, creative design ideas.

The blume box featured above was used in a real wedding - check out the amazing photos by photographer Christina Carroll.

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