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June 10, 2012 | posted by ecomodish | 0 Comments

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If you are familiar with bloglovin', and use it to follow your favorite blogs, you'll be happy to know that Ecomodish blog is on bloglovin'!


If you aren't familiar with it, and you have a list of blogs that you read daily, here is a brief overview of why bloglovin' might be helpful to you:

"We created bloglovin´ so you wouldn’t have to visit un-updated blogs, open ten windows in your browser, or forget your favorite blogs web-addresses. With bloglovin´ we wanted to make your blog reading fun and easy. Sign up, add all the blogs you want to follow, and then you’ll get notified every time one of your favorite blogs has written a new blog post. Both on the web and on your iPhone or Android phone."

So check out bloglovin', and be sure to follow Ecomodish blog!

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